What You Need To Discuss Before Tying The Knot

Being married is certainly way better than staying single. While many bachelors may insist that variety is the spice of life, having someone to come home to after a hard day’s work is certainly a better deal than being a misogynistic-40-something-beer guzzling-bachelor secretly hoping to find “the one” in some dark strip club.

Nevertheless, before you want to take that dive, talking out some things with your soon to be missus is imperative to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

  1. Money.One of the biggest sources of misunderstanding between couples is money. The general impression normally is that money should be pooled and that’s it. Ideally, this can be advantageous for the couple but a disparity in income as well as issues of debt and who gets to have the last say on money matters can be thorny issues unless ironed out early on in the relationship. Unless they have similar financial habits, money can become a source of arguments for couples.

If both partners don’t see eye to eye regarding finances, it’s best to discuss it before walking the aisle as marriage actually binds both partners together financially. That is why, if one or both partners are in debt, it is important to share it to your partner

10 Conversations to Have Before Getting Married

10 Conversations to Have Before Getting Married

Different people have different approaches to money. Some people are savers and misers, while others are carefree and don’t give it as much thought. How money was handled when you were growing up often has a big impact on how you deal with it as an adult (see #1 above). If your financial and spending styles are not on the same page, now’s the time to discuss how you will get them on the same page because a big part of marriage is the fact that it’s a legal contract that binds the two of you together financially. Discuss the need for a prenuptial agreement. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Prepare for the worst, in case, the marriage doesn’t succeed,

  1. Living arrangements.If both partners are living together, both won’t have to discuss chores and assignments. If they aren’t, both must take into consideration each other’s neatness and organization levels that will make each other comfortable. Otherwise, different decorating styles, and neatness can get in the way of harmonious relationship.

Which brings us to…

  1. Religion and values – If you marry someone who shares your view on religion and values, the marriage could be successful. These are important topics to be considered since they become more important during the marriage than before. It can also become serious once children enter the picture. You and your partner may feel differently after you have kids but at least both of you will have a firm foundation on which to build discussions later on.

  1. Extended Family – What’s your family life? History normally repeats itself. Your partner’s family will give you an insight of how he or she may handle stress, children and a host of other things. Although we are not doomed to repeat old habits, being aware of what to expect will allow you to enter the marriage with eyes wide open. Where to spend the holidays for example may not seem important on appearances but they can be a source of conflict if not everyone is getting their fair share of time.

Important Things You Need Discussed with Before Married Couple

Important Things You Need Discussed with Before Married Couple

How devoted you are to your extended family may also cause conflict in the future if importance of the in-law’s connection is not accepted. Families are demanding and peculiar and need to be managed.

  1. Conflict resolutionConflict is very much a part of every relationship. How you fight is a barometer of the state of your relationship. If the arguing is bad before the marriage, it may get worse during the course of the union. If arguments get real and personal fast, or one partner veers off topic and brings unrelated things into the argument, it can result to the blame game with someone being always right. Improve the way you communicate with your partner through concerted efforts. Relationships will always have its fair share if disagreements, it’s in how you resolve them that matter.

Tablet Or Laptop: We’ll Help You Decide Which Is Best For You

Portability — device manufacturers nowadays seem to compete on one thing, making their devices smaller but keeping their functionalities well intact. When the laptop first came out, people readily copped these things as fast as they could, thinking it was the answer to all their computing needs. What else can a person ask for? An easy-to-use computer you can take anywhere, with almost the same specs as a desktop computer. It pretty much dominated the portable computer market until another device came in: the tablet. The tablet gets rid of the laptop keyboard and instead uses its touchscreen feature for typing and instant clicking. The tablet is extremely lightweight; it’s as if you are carrying a book. Others make a tablet a must for their household, others say a laptop is still better.

When is small, too small? When is big, too big? We’ll show you which device fits perfectly for your needs.

You need a laptop

Tablet Buyers’ Guide 2013: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Tablet Buyers’ Guide 2013: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

The biggest benefit of using a laptop is the hardware included in it. Large-sized screens, complete keyboards, over-the-top resolution; these are just some of the the perks of using a laptop. Keyboards are still preferred by many who seem annoyed by the tablets on-screen keyboard. Let’s face it; typing on a tablet is a nuisance, especially if you have large fingers. Typing on an actual keyboard is more accurate and time-efficient than typing on a tablet. On the entertainment side, laptops can offer better sound and picture than any tablet on the market. Viewing photos, listening to music, and even browsing full web content, a laptop is definitely the best choice for such functionalities.

On the other hand, portability-wise, laptops can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Some laptops can be a burden to carry, causing back pain when carried over a backpack for a long period of time. Even those small laptops that later came out still feels bulky when you have other things to carry around.

You need a tablet

Tablet vs laptop: which is best?

Tablet vs laptop: which is best?

If you want a full, hands-on, casual experience, then a tablet is perfect for you. Using a finger or stylus, you can interact with applications on the tablet, perfect for gaming, drawing or illustrating. Tablets are also a lot smaller compared to laptops. You could easily bring one without the burden of carrying bags for it. Music, photos and videos, browsing the web, video chat, and even reading books can all are done in a casual way using a tablet.

But taking care of tablets is another thing. Since some tablets are thin and lightweight, they are not that much durable compared to laptops. And since the touchscreen is exposed, a simple crack will render the device useless.

So, have you decided yet? Basically, if you are not planning to carry a computer with you for a long period of time, a tablet may be thing for you. If you prefer a full-on “desktop computer”-like experience on-the-go, then the laptop is the best choice. Figure out first what features you want on your device. Then try to gauge on how you will use it on a daily basis, only then you’ll figure out which device is suitable for your portable computing needs.

Are You A Social Media Success? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell

Social media has been widely used by business owners in promoting their business. It can make your products widely known and attract potential customers. But how would you know it worked for your small business. Here are five ways to tell if using social media has been a success for your business.

  1. You Have a Constantly Growing Community

Your followers are increasing by the day. They left comments of appreciation, questions, suggestions and is always thankful for the information you have provided. With your growing community and with all the interaction going on, this simply means success.

Facebook Marketing Declines: How Business Should React

Facebook Marketing Declines: How Business Should React

  1. You Have Created that Bond

Your followers and potential customers have found something to sink their teeth into. They found your websites content beneficial to them. They even pass it on to their friends since it was something that they can relate to. You have become an authority in a way that they trust your posts and what you have to say about things related to your business. They also share your links and post and this clearly shows that your website has something to offer that they will look forward to.

  1. You’re Done Testing The Waters

5 Ways Your Website Is Killing Your Social Media Campaign Success

5 Ways Your Website Is Killing Your Social Media Campaign Success

You’ve tried almost all strategies and you’ve made mistakes along the way. You have been through tough times and with those experiences you have gained knowledge. You also know how to handle difficulties in case one or two would come along. You are getting the hang of it and as you continue, it doesn’t look as complicated as it was before and now you keep it simple.

  1. When Your Goals Became a Reality

You were just starting and planning strategies before all for one reason and that is to reach your goals. Goals like gaining website traffic, insights and spreading product awareness. What seems to be so far away before but now you’ve finally reach it, you can definitely consider yourself a success.

  1. You Continue to Create New Goals

You never stop innovating and creating new goals. One achievement leads you to another one. You create new ideas to further better your services and you always have something new to offer. As your network constantly grows you also find yourself growing as a mature entrepreneur. You have learned how to listen and respond. You are no longer an amateur that you wanted to give more to your loyal customers.

Social media success is essential not only to your growing business but also to your personal growth as an entrepreneur. It’s all about how you communicate with your customers and creating relationships with them. This will attract more customers as you have gained their trust.

Filing Bankruptcy To Have A New Financial Start

Some people regarded bankruptcy as a misfortune on their financial status because they are on their lowest financial level that is why they have decided to file for bankruptcy. However, for some people this filing could be a brand new start and escape from all those problems in paying debts.

In these two different points of view about the topic bankruptcy, we can observe that individuals have different perceptions on handling financial matters. We can also conclude here that there are people who take responsibility of their debts paying obligations while others depend on the state to take actions on saving them.

How Can Bankruptcy Help In Solving Financial Problems

Filing a bankruptcy can help you in starting a new financial life

Filing a bankruptcy can help you in starting a new financial life

In federal law, each US citizen has the right to file for bankruptcy in times when you want to save yourself from the drowning to debts. You will get the below benefits once you are able to successful file your bankruptcy application:

Bankruptcy is a financial planning tool: Chicago area families deserve a fresh start

Bankruptcy is a financial planning tool: Chicago area families deserve a fresh start

1) You are no longer obliged to pay the whole amount of money you owed. You will be given discounts from the original amount to help you complete your obligations easily and fast.

2) Your home will no longer be for closure and you will be given the chance to catch up for the missed payments.

3) You will be harassed-free from those debt collectors.

What Bankruptcy Could Not Grant You

1) Collaterals made cannot be redeemed yet unless you settled your unpaid balances depending on what you have agreed.

2) Cannot terminate or provide solutions or does not take into considerations debts made after filing of bankruptcy.

3) Your co-signers would still be your partner in paying your debts and your obligations despite the fact that bankruptcy has been filed.

When Is the Best Time to File for Bankruptcy?

You cannot say that anytime is the best time you can grab the benefits in filing bankruptcy. You should consider the fact that you can only file for this every after six years. Therefore, you need to weigh things first before you make the final decision.

If you can still save yourself on your own ways, do it without filing yet the bankruptcy on your mind because you do not know when the need arises within during those six long years when you have already used up your opportunity.

This is also a sample of disciplinary action so that citizens would not abuse the opportunity that they will no longer take responsibility of their debts. They would end of lazy people and unproductive members of the society. It is good to know that the government set some limits and rules to follow so that all citizens would be responsible enough for the financial problems of their own making.

Are You Looking For Effective Workout ? – Choose High Impact Or Low Impact

Are you thinking about what would be the best workout that you could do? Is it High or Low impact? To differentiate these two workouts, High impact is more extreme and would have a direct force to your body. This also involves extreme sports such as running, gymnastics, and basketball. While Low impact is being done in a lighter exercise, with lesser stress to the body.

Let’s talk about the downside of the two workouts. High impact exercise can be dangerous if this would not be done with extra cautions. It can lead to injuries that could damage your muscles and can be repetitive if you have to much strain on your body. Low impact would not cause that much injury since it is lesser movement and it is more lesser when it comes to the risk of having injuries. To compare High and Low impact workout here is the following exercise:

High Impact

A Joint Friendlier Way to Work Out!

A Joint Friendlier Way to Work Out!

Extreme sports such as volleyball, soccer, football, and basketball.

Reminder: always make sure to wear appropriate attire and a protective gear when you do this kind of sports.

Jogging or running

This is the type of exercise that is so versatile. This can be done indoor or outdoor for indoor treadmill is the best way. While outdoor you could choose your place like trails, park or even tracks.

Reminder: make sure to wear a running shoes that was been designed for traction and cushions.

Boot camp class

These usually have a workout that will boost your training, since they have strength training, isometrics and more on running and jumping.

Reminder: a personal trainer is strongly advisable for this kind of workout.

Low Impact

Low Impact Cardio Exercises

Low Impact Cardio Exercises

For a starter

For beginners, conditioning your body on a lighter exercise would be a great thing. Start with cycling and fast walking. This way your body will be prepared more prepared for the exercise plan.

Reminder: always wear safety gear.

Water Exercise

There are a lot of options if you would like to have a workout in the water. Swimming will be one of the best, followed by aqua aerobics and other water sports. There are some pools that provide equipment like dumbbells and water belts.

Reminder: make sure you’ll start with proper stretching when you are about to do water exercise, just to prevent muscle spasms.

Dancing workout

These are aerobics, dancing and Zumba classes, these are usually done with a group. There is not much strain on this and can make your body sweat up to the maximum.

Reminder: make sure to go to a gym that has Professional trainer.

At the end, it is always up to you on how will you choose the best exercise that would fit your needs. It is always strongly advised to see a doctor before starting a workout plan.